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Introducing Our New Lunch Entrees

August 24, 2023

Every year, CKC Good Food introduces many new lunch entrees to keep our menus on-trend and participation high.

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Valuable Insight Gained Thru Taste Tests

May 25, 2023

CKC Good Food hosted taste testings with students and staff from 6 schools in our annual evaluation of potential entrees to add to our fall menus. The groups also toured our facility and learned about how school lunch menus are created.

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Ready for a Great 2022-23

August 17, 2022

Everyone's trained. The warehouse is well stocked. Our NSLP menus have been refreshed. CKC Good Food is ready for a great school year!

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New school lunch entrees for 2018-19

August 13, 2018

CKC is rolling out new lunch menu entrees, new menu rotations and a new take on school breakfast for 2018-19.

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“Thank you for your hard work and time in serving summer meals. To see all the youth going ham on the food is AMAZING!”
Christa DeBoer, Nutrition Program Director : Youthprise