About Us

Our Manifesto: We believe good food nourishes bodies, minds, spirits and cultures.TM

Our Core Values

  •     Collaboration - embracing differences of thought, experience and expertise to boost productivity and creativity
  •     Diversity - uniting, educating and celebrating people of diverse cultures
  •     Helping Others - placing importance on serving others with quality and value
  •     Innovation - constantly improving the experience of our clients and our team members
  •     Meaningful Work - doing and providing work that has purpose and significance

Your collaborative food service partner

CKC Good Food pairs our wide variety of delicious meals with unparalleled operational and customer support to ensure the success and compliance of your food service program. This combination has helped CKC Good Food grow to become one of the largest, woman-owned food service partners in Minnesota. Each day, we prepare about 40,000 meals and snacks that are served at client sites. All our clients operating under the National School Lunch Program consistently keep their participation levels and revenues high, maximize reimbursements, make full use of commodities and surpass the expectations of auditors when they undergo their USDA Administrative Reviews.

Nourishing bodies, minds and culturesTM

Our founder, Nancy Close, is from the restaurant family behind St. Paul’s former Caravan Serai, the first Afghan restaurant in the United States. Nancy grew up in, and eventually bought, that business, which birthed Caravan Kids Catering. Since catering our first daycare center from the Caravan Serai kitchen in the early 90s, CKC Good Food has focused on finding new ways to tempt the taste buds of people across many different cultures, while incorporating fresh, high quality ingredients. Even under today’s strict nutritional guidelines of the National School Lunch Program and other federal nutrition programs, we have upheld our commitment to providing delicious, healthful, restaurant-quality meals that inspire joyful eaters.

Let’s work together!

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“Kids love the food. They are so fascinated, so excited for the menu. They like that they have different choices for foods and veggies. Even the staff love the food.”
Fardos Jama : Twin Cities International Schools