Sample Menu Items

CKC Good Food offers multiple 6-week lunch menu rotations, each filled with a variety of flavorful entrees and unique side dishes to capture students' interest and sustain peak participation levels throughout the year. Here's a preview of just some of our menu items, in no particular order. To taste the CKC difference for yourself, schedule a taste test today!


Sample Menu18.png Sample Menu316.png Sample Menu17.png Sample Menu19.png Sample Menu20.png

Sample Menu21.png Sample Menu22.png Sample Menu23.png Sample Menu314.png Sample Menu16.png

Sample Menu313.png Sample Menu27.png Sample Menu315.png Sample Menu28.png Sample Menu31.png



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“Our locations LOVE their drivers and how supportive and helpful they are. They have nothing but positive feedback for them.”
Christa DeBoer, Nutrition Program Director : Youthprise