End-of-the-year Praise

Tina Sykes, Nutrition Manager at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, had high praise for the team at CKC Good Food following the 2023-2024 school year. Her email below highlights how CKC Good Food delivers concierge-level service at every step in our client partners' food service operations.


I want to give the biggest thank you to CKC Good Food and express my appreciation for the school year!
I'll start by saying, I was a little leery when (Client Services Manager Jim Leahy) said I wouldn't be working with him anymore but Oscar Yangari has truly been amazing. He always responds so quickly when issues arise and it's always a pleasure to see him. Whenever I have needed any changes, he has always acted quickly and he actually listens to my feedback, which I love. With me going on maternity leave in the fall, Oscar has made me feel 100% comfortable that he will support Esmeralda as she covers for me. That took a huge weight of me, since I was so worried about her being alone. I feel CKC Good Food couldn't have picked a better person to fill Jim's shoes. But we all miss Jim here, I don't want Jim to feel left out. The time I spent working with Jim was great as well. Through my years of ups and downs, the family stories we shared, Jim always made me feel like he truly cared for me as a person.
Now, on to my delivery driver Isaac. He is such a gentle giant! I have dealt with plenty of drivers through the years but he takes the cake. He's always on time and so respectful and Isaac is always so happy to help me out. From my early morning calls because I need to add something to the salad bar order to me forgetting to order trays, he has always had my back. We here at Cristo Rey  don't just look at him as just our driver, he is part of our Cristo Rey Nutrition family. There are so many great things I could say about him but I know you get the point. Please don't ever change our driver!
A huge thank you to Tyler Lowry too! I swear his nickname should be speedy Tyler because whenever I needed to change meal counts, he responded to my request in one minute or less. Please thank Tyler for all he has done for me!
Also, to the kitchen staff that packs and prepares our meals, they all are truly amazing and thank you for making sure our school/students always have what they need. It takes a village to make this whole operation run and they are that part of that village.
One big thank you, to the two CKC Good Food ladies we have here at Cristo Rey, these two are beyond amazing. I am so appreciative for both ladies; they are truly my girls! Esmeralda and I have grown a true bond that's beyond work.
Another big thank you to the other CKC Good Food staff that have come and covered for them when they needed time off. Thank you to (Ed Harr), who always sends a coverage person. All the coverage staff he has sent through the school year have been exceptional and he always jumps on it so quickly when we need coverage.
Please thank all those at the CKC Good Food family who I may have not mentioned. I know they all play a part somewhere in this whole operation whether it be billing, answering phones, working on menus or even just being an extra support when needed. They all play a valuable role as well! Thank you so much CKC family for the 23-24 school year! I look forward to working with all of you in 24-25 school years and beyond!
Have a great summer!

Tina Sykes | Nutrition Manager
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
2924 4th Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55408


Follow-up message:

Thank you Nancy for all the guidance you have gave me through the years. I remember when I first step into nutrition services as a leader, I had no training and little to no guidance. You held my hand throughout the way and I believe most of what I know is because of you, Laurie and Jim. Nancy, thank you for helping me unlock my potential and achieve success. Your support has meant the world to me and I will forever be grateful for you!



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