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In the spring of 2023, CKC Good Food worked with Mercury Creative Group to help us uncover the essence of our company, our core values, our strengths relative to other food service companies and what our clients and team members love about CKC Good Food. Mercury Creative defined a unique brand position for CKC Good Food that affirms our commitment to excellent client service and proven, repeatable processes for successful food service programs.

Before diving into what we learned in our branding initiative, let's back up and explain what a brand is and why it's important to define.

A brand is the essence of a company – what it’s known for and what differentiates it from others. A well-executed brand uniquely positions a company or product in the market, and builds awareness and loyalty among consumers/customers by creating an emotional connection. Coca-Cola’s brand and emotional connection are different than Fanta. Caribou Coffee’s is different than Starbucks. Each is known for being something different even though they provide the same basic product/service. Because of consumers' experience with these brands, they favor one over the other.

Every company has a brand, even if not intentionally defined or shaped by the company. Customers and the public form emotional responses based on their experiences with the company or product. Prior to doing our branding initiative this spring, CKC Good Food’s brand wasn’t clearly understood nor articulated. The branding initiative uncovered the essence of CKC Good Food. It put to words what has existed for some time and will help guide the company’s marketing, hiring and interactions with team members, clients and prospects.

The video above highlights why we do what we do, our core purpose or manifesto:

We believe good food nourishes bodies, minds, spirits and cultures.

CKC Good Food is your collaborative food service partner. We pair our wide variety of delicious meals with proven processes for unparalleled operational and client support to ultimately help fulfill people’s deep physical, intellectual and social needs. We nourish physical bodies, support academic achievement, and unite, educate and celebrate people of diverse cultures. 

Guided by core values

Our core values guide our decisions and inform our actions every day. They are beliefs we consider to be valuable and beneficial to our work and our client partnerships. Our core values are:

  • Collaboration - Embracing differences of thought, experience and expertise to boost productivity and creativity
  • Diversity - Getting to know and appreciate different cultures; It’s important that everyone at our table feels welcomed and delighted
  • Helping Others - Providing responsive and quality service to support clients' success
  • Innovation - Pursuing improvements to deliver better experiences and outcomes for our clients, our team members and our company
  • Meaningful Work - Providing a service that has purpose and significance

We are a true partner.

We are genuinely helpful. We listen to understand the needs of our clients. We cooperate with our clients and with each other to overcome challenges and improve the way we work together. We share our expertise with our clients. We pair our wide variety of delicious meals with proven processes and operational support to ensure our clients’ success.

Who are our partners? Food service directors who need a collaborative partner!

Our services and expertise are suited to any company or organization that requires contracted food service. While most of our clients today serve kids, CKC Good Food's expertise and services extend to juvenile justice facilities, senior living centers and corporate campuses.

Let’s work together!

Contact us today to learn how to get great food and the operational support you need! 651.453.1136


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“CKC’s dedication to high quality nutritious food options for children and their commitment to above-and-beyond customer service makes CKC a valued partner of Hiawatha Academies.”
Sean Elder : Hiawatha Academies