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CKC Good Food employs amazing people! We want you to meet our team members, most of whom are behind-the-scenes and never met by our clients. We want to give them a moment in the spotlight to recognize their hard work and many contributions to our clients' successful food service programs.

headshot katie fairbanks.jpgKatie Fairbanks is the first person to hold the position of Chief Operating Officer/Integrator at CKC. In this new position for the company, she is accountable for all business operations, including the implementation of the “Entrepreneurial Operating System” within CKC. Since joining CKC in 2013, Katie has been an Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Manager, Financial Controller and Director of Human Resources.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a new approach to internal operations, one that instills structure, systems and accountability into the company’s business and helps us work toward long-term goals. Katie, being very process-driven, is the perfect person to lead this effort.

“I’ve always found comfort in process and consistency,” Katie said. “Being able to share that strength with CKC is very rewarding – as is helping the company achieve its vision.”

With a master’s degree in public administration, Katie brings knowledge of government policies and procedures to CKC and helps oversee the company’s service to organizations operating under federal nutrition programs. “Although CKC is a private company, it really bridges the gap between public and private entities,” she said. “Every day, we provide a public service to thousands. Knowing what we are a part of and the support we bring, especially to those who are underserviced or financially struggling, drives me every day.”

Outside of work, Katie and her husband, Tim, are raising their infant daughter, Emilia, and enjoy time outdoors, playing pinball and hanging out with their two cats, Humphrey & Ada.



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