CKC Event Catering Vs. Food Trucks

Food trucks are trendy options for events, whether corporate picnics, weddings or graduation parties. These kitchens on wheels may be fun but they have their limitations relative to CKC event catering. Before deciding on food for your next event, consider the pros and cons of catering services versus food trucks.  

Pros of Using CKC Event Catering:

  • Menu Variety: CKC’s event catering menus include BBQ, Mexican, pastas, box lunches and salads for casual lunch and dinner events as well as upscale entrees for plated meals. CKC also has a range of breakfast options. With CKC, you can choose multiple menu offerings, including a salad course, main entrée and dessert, or a completely custom menu.
  • Full Service: CKC can handle all aspects of your food service, including setup and service, plates and utensils, paper products and cleanup, allowing you to focus on your event’s agenda and your guests.
  • Timing: CKC provides food to all your guests at about the same time, whether you choose plated meal service or a buffet. Food trucks don’t have the capacity to serve many guests at one time.
  • No Weather Concerns: if your event will be indoors, your food will be too when you choose a catering service. Your guests don’t need to face the elements or leave the action to get their food.

Cons of Using a CKC:

  • Advance Notice: CKC needs about four days lead time for events it caters because our menus are customized to each event.
  • Less Notoriety: CKC does not serve the public except through catered events. As such, our name is not likely known to your guests the way a food truck might be.

Pros of Using a Food Truck:

  • Cost: Food trucks might be less expensive than catering services, especially if you're looking for a more casual or street-food-style event. It's always smart to compare costs before deciding. CKC's catering services are competitively priced.
  • Mobility: Food trucks’ mobility allows them to navigate places with limited access or available tables, such as local parks or a residential neighborhood.
  • Unique and trendy: Food trucks are gaining popularity in recent years and can offer a unique and trendy option for an event.
  • Individual Orders: Food trucks prepare your guests’ orders one-by-one, allowing guests to omit items they make be allergic to or find distasteful.  

Cons of Using a Food Truck:

  • Limited Food Options: Food trucks typically offer a limited menu and only one type of cuisine, like Mexican, chicken or desserts.
  • Limited Presentation: Food trucks generally have limited service and presentation options, making them most suitable for casual events.
  • Limited Service: Food trucks don’t provide service staff, so guests have to order and pick up their food, condiments and utensils. You or your guests will need to dispose of their trash when finished.
  • Waste: Food trucks serve all their food in disposable wrappers or baskets. If you’re eco-conscious, this factor may influence your decision.
  • Minimum Charge: Food trucks require a minimum sales amount or servings from an event, making them less compatible for smaller events.

It’s important to consider your event style, needs, budget and the type of food you want to offer to make the best decision between a catering service or a food truck.

Have questions about food for your next event? Check out our catering website and menus, and submit the inquiry form to start a conversation.



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