Public-Charter Schools

Does it sometimes feel impossible to operate a thriving school food service program under the current USDA guidelines for the National School Lunch Program? CKC Good Food can help!

CKC delivers true value with chef-created, USDA-compliant menus that entice more kids to participate – and continue participating – in your child nutrition programs, and our concierge-level services that save you and your staff countless hours. While our per-meal bid prices are sometimes pennies more than bargain-priced vendors, our prices are always below reimbursement rates for free and reduced meals, and allow us to provide meals your students will eat and services you value. CKC Good Food promises your school higher revenues, less waste, fewer complaints, better-nourished students and budget integrity.

Menu Flexibility to Maximize Participation

Kids get bored easily. CKC Good Food keeps them engaged in your school meal programs by offering menus of 6-week cycles and multiple menus rotations to prevent menu fatigue as the year progresses. Each of these standard menu rotations includes meals as diverse as the student populations we serve. Chicken Pad Thai, Curry Gravy Meatballs, and Beef and Potato Pilaf are just a few dishes developed over the years to expand the cultural relativity of our menus and the cultural awareness of all students.

If your school is comprised primarily of a single ethnic population, we offer Latino-influenced, Hmong-influenced and Somali-influenced menus in addition to our multiple 6-week menu rotations. These menus have been popular with our long-time charter school clients that enroll Hmong students on St. Paul’s Eastside, scholars largely of Hispanic descent in Minneapolis, or other charter schools with growing Somali populations. We’ve also tailored menus upon request to provide more meals that are customary to the students a school serves. 


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“GREAT customer service! I can’t say one bad thing about the people at CKC! On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) I would rate CKC a 10!”
Monica Gihl : Seven Hills Classical Academy