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6/20/23 USDA looks to make final call on free meal expansion, school nutrition in April 2024 K-12 Dive
6/19/23 A Pa. congressman wants to get full-fat milk back in schools Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
6/16/23 Healthier school lunches may have curbed childhood obesity, new study finds Education Week
6/14/23 Free school meals bill becomes Vermont law without governor’s signature VT Digger
6/13/23 Montana adopts automatic enrollment for free, reduced price school meals NBC Montana
6/13/23 Food companies sell more heat-and-serve options to fill gaps in short-staffed kitchens Star Tribune
6/9/23 How 1 woman is helping settle school lunch debt, advocating for universal free lunch Good Morning America
6/6/23 There’s kelp on the school lunch menu, and it’s more popular than you’d think Boston Globe
6/6/23 U.S. House committee approves bills on whole milk Iowa Capital Dispatch
6/5/23 J.T.M. Provisions Company recalls beef chili products sent to schools FoodService Director
6/1/23 More high-poverty schools tap into federal policies to serve free meals K-12 Dive
6/1/23 ‘None of the Muslim kids can eat’: Illinois to provide halal and kosher meals to school kids The Guardian
5/31/23 States are fighting to bring back free school meals Civil Eats
5/30/23 Agriculture appropriations bill includes $31.9B in school nutrition funding FoodService Director
5/28/23 School lunch officials fear that new USDA regulations will cripple their cafeterias The Times of Northwest Indiana
5/26/23 More states line up to serve free school meals to all kids Stateline
5/25/23 Data: How schools respond to student hunger over the summer Education Week
5/23/23 Fewer students are getting free summer meals after pandemic waivers' end Education Week
5/18/23 Colorado school district praised for ridding of milk cartons in lunchrooms CBS News Colorado
5/18/23 Public feedback split on USDA’s stricter school nutrition proposal K-12 Dive
5/17/23 School food prices soar by nearly 300%, consumer price index shows K-12 Dive
5/17/23 Illinois universal school meal bill goes to governor's desk WMBD-TV
5/15/23 Chocolate milk faces potential ban in school cafeterias Wall Street Journal
5/10/23 An expansion of free school lunches signed into law in Washington state KXRO News
5/9/23 Federal bills push for more free meals at school FoodService Director
5/8/23 New school lunch nutrition requirements will backfire. Kids won't eat what they don't like. USA Today
5/5/23 Unpaid meal debt totaled $19 million this school year NewsNation
5/3/23 Schools ended universal free lunch. Now meal debt is soaring NPR
5/2/23 New York set to spend $134M to expand access to free school meals K-12 Dive
4/28/23 North Dakota lawmakers pass free school lunch funding after all In Forum (Fargo, ND)
4/25/23 Are lunch periods too short? Some states want to give kids more time to eat Education Week
4/24/23 A plastic-free school lunch movement is spreading across the country KCCI News (Des Moines)
4/23/23 Teacher raises more than $40,000 to cancel all student meal debt at his school WJLA (Virginia)
4/23/23 A pandemic experiment in universal free school meals gains traction in the states Colorado Newsline
4/21/23 A pandemic experiment in universal free school meals gains traction in the states Missouri Independent
4/18/23 Students are struggling with school lunch debt Prism Reports
4/16/23 Mandatory plant-based milk in schools? Here's why a Louisiana congressman is proposing it. The Advocate
4/16/23 Schools, families feel the pinch after end of federal free meal program PBS
4/13/23 Universal school meal legislation stalls in some states K-12 Dive
4/10/23 Colorado school districts prepare to provide free meals to students next year KOAA News 5 Southern Colorado
4/7/23 Everyone’s got an opinion on proposed USDA nutrition standards for schools — especially the students Marketplace
4/5/23 Milk companies commit to reducing sugar in school milk FoodService Director
4/4/23 USDA extends comment period for proposed changes to school nutrition standards K-12 Dive
3/31/23 Meal debt is soaring after universal free lunch ended. How are Midwest states responding? St. Louis Public Rado
3/31/23 There's no such thing as a free lunch. Vermont schools say there should be for kids NPR
3/30/23 States are looking for ways to make free school meals permanent NPR
3/29/23 USDA proposes rules to expand access to free school lunches Marketplace
3/29/23 Oregon moves toward offering universal school meals Oregon Capital Chronicle
3/29/23 School Nutrition Association calls on USDA to halt further restrictions on school meals FoodService Director
3/28/23 Food for thought: Free meals for all New Mexico students AP News


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