Tips for the Best Kitchen Design

CKC Good Food has learned a lot about kitchen design and equipment in our 30 years spent in many schools' kitchens as well as our own central commissary. With the help of kitchen design consultant Culinex, we learned even more during the build out of our new production facility in 2021.

If your school is about to embark on a new kitchen facility or a remodel, you can learn from our experience. In the video below, CKC Good Food Founder and CEO Nancy Close and CKC's Construction Project Manager Dave Kayoum suggest: 

  • Thoroughly understanding the flow of your kitchen operations before creating a blueprint
  • Hiring contractors/vendors who are familiar with National School Lunch Program guidelines and constraints
  • Creating a comprehensive, well-thought-out plan and following it to a "T"
  • Making sure your RFP for contractors is meticulous in scope and responsibilities
  • Gaining input from staff early and often for ways to make the end design even better
  • Learning about the many types of equipment available and choosing what will best meet your needs. Equipment is so advanced today that you may be able to cook more food with less equipment. Explore your options.

Nancy and Dave would also be happy to discuss your project with you and lend a professional outside perspective. Call them at 651.453.1136 today.

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