Elevating the Humble Box Lunch

Box lunches are a convenient option for corporate event planners - the entire meal is self contained for each individual. They don't generally create a buzz or anticipation among guests though.

CKC Good Food event catering has elevated the humble box lunch with many customization options, inventive sandwich combinations and delicious salads, too. Let's break down the options.

Sandwich Box Lunches

First choice: do you want a classic, deluxe or executive box lunch? All come with a choice of sandwich, on a choice of bread with a choice of side dish as well as a dessert and pickle spear. In addition to the sandwich choice, the different box lunches include:

  • Classic Box Lunch: Cookie and choice of chips, potato salad, coleslaw or fresh fruit salad.
  • Deluxe Box Lunch: Cookie and chips, and choice of potato salad, coleslaw, fresh fruit salad, pasta salad or mixed greens.
  • Executive Box Lunch:  Chips, gourmet dessert bar, and choice of potato salad, coleslaw, fresh fruit salad, pasta salad or mixed greens.

sandwich trio 800.png

A few of the spiced-up, inventive sandwiches include:

  • Turkey with herb cream cheese, arugula and tomato
  • Chicken banh mi, a very popular option, with chicken breast, pickled carrot/radish/onion, cilantro, jalapeno and sriracha mayo
  • Chicken salad with pesto mayo, tomato, red onion and lettuce
  • Mediterranean tuna with a spicy harissa mayo, cucumber, tomato and shaved onion
  • Mexican tuna with chipotle-lime mayo, onion, jalapeno, cilantro and corn

Each sandwich lends itself to a particular style of bread but we don't pigeonhole. The banh mi is traditionally served on a sandwich roll but it could also be ordered on a sliced wheat, white or sourdough bread or even a croissant, if that suits someone better. Gluten-free bread is also available for a slight upcharge.

potato salad800.png

When it comes to sides, even Chef Naj's potato salad is elevated -- not Mrs. Gerry's from the deli aisle! It's a delicious house-made potato salad with rich stone-ground mustard.

With all these options, you may think it's difficult to order for a big group. Chef Naj can guide you on your order. You may also opt to do a buffet with halved sandwiches and side options.

Salad Box Lunchescaprese salad.png

For guests who tend toward a low-carb diet, a salad box lunch is a great alternative. Chef Naj's salads are outstanding. Each is served with a dinner roll and a cookie but those low-carb eaters like to share, right?

The menu includes some traditional salads, like chicken caesar and greek chop salads, as well as a few you don't see every day: 

  • BLT with bleu cheese dressing
  • Grilled zucchini caprese
  • Mango chicken salad with toasted pecans, honey and seasoned mayo
  • Smoked salmon panzanella

With box lunches from CKC Good Food, you're assured of a convenient and pleasing lunch for your guests. Let's work together! Submit a catering inquiry today!


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