CKC Support for School Fundraisers

Many CKC client schools and nonprofits host fundraising galas and events every year. As a food service provider to more than 75 not-for-profit entities, we get a lot of requests for in-kind services and financial donations. As much as we'd love to donate in response to every request, it's financially not feasible for us.

We want to support your success as much as possible while being equitable to all our clients. Here are a few ways we can help:

Discounted Catering Services

All of our contracted food service management/vended meal clients receive 20% off our event catering services. Our event catering prices are already competitively priced relative to restaurants and catering services, delivering greater value to you. With the 20% discount, your event's out-of-pocket expenses are reduced, increasing the profitability of your event.

Chef Naj has a wide array of standard menus from which you can choose, whether your event is a carnival or a formal gala. He can also create a custom menu for a specific theme, if you don't see a standard menu that fits with your event. Drop him an email with your ideas and questions.

Social Media

To help extend the visibility of your event (and contribute to idea-sharing among our clients), we will happily share your event to our Facebook and Instagram stories. Please send a visual for your event and information including the date, time, location, ticket price and event URL to at least 3-4 weeks in advance of your event.


Thank you for your understanding. If there are other ways CKC can support your success, please talk with your Client Service Manager.



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