Extensive Food Prep Procedures Protect Scholars with Food Allergies

December 2, 2019

Keeping scholars with food allergies safe is as much about offering an allergen-free menu as it is about food handling, cleaning and preparation processes.

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Allergen-Free Menu Full of Flavor

October 30, 2019

CKC Good Food’s “allergen-free” menu was created to offer scholars with food allergies delicious options at mealtimes. This menu is free of the most-common allergens – dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, fish/shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts – and full of flavor. We have offered this menu for several years and are happy to report we’ve been incident-free to-date.

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Wearing Our Values Proudly

October 29, 2019

CKC employees have new attire that boldly states the values that define CKC Good Food and by which our employees abide.

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Tips for Right Sizing Your Meals

October 28, 2019

If your school finds itself struggling with significant leftovers or food shortages some days, here are some tips for right-sizing your orders.

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Stress-less holiday events start with CKC catering

October 28, 2019

Trust the details of your special holiday event meals to the experts at CKC Good Food. Whether a staff breakfast or lunch gathering, or a more elaborate evening soiree, we have the menus, equipment and staff for a stress-less event.

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Share Tables Reduce Waste, Satisfy Hungry

October 23, 2019

Share tables are an excellent way for child nutrition programs to reduce food waste and help hungry kids get their fill. For those times when students’ eyes are bigger than their stomachs, they can place select foods they don’t want on the share table for other students/program participants to eat. Share tables are permitted by the USDA, according to specific guidelines.

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ServSafe training class & exam meets CFPM requirements

October 21, 2019

CKC Good Food General Manger Laurie Yohn, SNS, DTR, a certified ServSafe Instructor and Proctor, will lead a ServSafe class for CKC employees and clients' food service staffs on Monday, December 23.

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Join in the #F2SMonth Fun!

September 17, 2019

October is Farm-to-School Month - a perfect time to teach students about the origins of their food and the benefits of locally produced and processed foods and ingredients.

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What's on your #NSLW19 Playlist?

September 11, 2019

Turn up the volume for your school lunch with these tools and resources for National School Lunch Week (October 14-18) (#NSLW19)!

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