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Date Title Source
1/22/21 SNA Releases 2021 Position Paper School Nutrition Association
3/31/21 Solving the Carry Out Dilemma of COVID-19 School Nutrition Association
7/28/20 School Nutrition Foundation Help Feed School Kids Now COVID-19 Summer Feeding Grant Application School Nutrition Foundation
10/19/20 Stretching your budget with USDA Foods School Nutrition Magazine
10/19/20 Please, take the meals. Tips for explaining the complexities of school nutrition funding to parents. School Nutrition Magazine
4/16/19 Nourishing help: Schools help food-insecure students
3/23/20 Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide Serious Eats
3/3/21 Healthy Meals at No Charge Serveddigizine
1/26/21 Crowded cafeterias a thing of the past during the pandemic Shelby Star
9/3/19 How St. Cloud schools plan to go 'zero waste' in the lunchroom St. Cloud Times
7/18/19 Can Ramen, Fish Nuggets And Flavor Stations Teach Kids To Love School Lunch? St. Louis Public Radio
2/26/21 Stanly County Schools to provide meal bundles during Spring Break Stanly News and Press
1/15/19 Minnesota lawmakers grapple with filling gaps during shutdown Star Tribune
4/5/19 'Second Chance Breakfast' gives students a boost Star Tribune
5/24/19 Schools can't bar students from graduation exercises over unpaid lunch debt, Minnesota AG says Star Tribune
8/1/19 500,000 children would lose free school meals under Trump plan Star Tribune
8/12/19 Minnesota seeks applicants for farm-to-school and farm-to-childcare grants Star Tribune
11/18/19 Let the kids eat their free lunches while we sort this problem out Star Tribune
11/18/19 School lunch shouldn't come with a side of shame Star Tribune
3/13/20 Minnesota schools advised to stay in session Star Tribune
5/7/20 'We don't know how it will end': Hunger stalks amid virus Star Tribune
11/5/20 School meal programs require new calculations in the pandemic Star Tribune
12/3/20 A mindfulness expert's tips for helping kids find calm Star Tribune
1/17/19 Less beef, more beans. Experts say world needs a new diet. The Associated Press
9/21/18 Why Chicago chefs like Matthias Merges are working to make food education as important as reading and math The Chicago Tribune
9/6/20 Commentary: We need healthy school lunches in the era of COVID-19 The Chicago Tribune
6/30/20 School lunch as we know it is over. But for school nutrition directors, the lessons keep coming. The Counter
2/12/21 The pandemic has made school lunch free for all public school students. Advocates are hoping to make the change permanent. The Counter
11/27/18 College of Public Health builds healthy eating habits in rural schools The Daily Iowan
12/20/20 California district gives out nearly 35,000 meals to students for winter break The Daily Press
6/11/18 Gourmet on a budget: Chefs throw down their best $1.25 school lunch ideas The Day (New London, CT)
2/8/21 FRAC says free school breakfast is crucial to addressing hunger, academic performance The Fern
3/5/19 How a federal free meal program affected school poverty stats The Hechinger Report
8/25/20 Restorative circles, online wellness rooms and grief training: How schools are preparing for the Covid mental health crisis The Hechinger Report
12/7/20 Coronavirus means school food is free across the U.S. What if it stayed that way? The Hechinger Report
12/17/18 ‘Flexibility’ in school meal standards could imperil child health The Hill
8/28/19 Trump administration argues states have no say in healthy school lunch requirements rollback The Hill
8/31/19 We're the wealthiest country — our kids shouldn't go to school hungry The Hill
10/2/19 Children are counting on Congress to save their school meal programs The Hill
10/24/19 Our hidden infrastructure crisis: School cafeterias The Hill
1/30/20 US government basically declares war on millions of school children The Hill
2/17/20 Booker, Cornyn introduce bill to fund school nutrition programs The Hill
1/7/21 To Balance Budget, Districts Offer Meals For All Families Regardless of Income The Independent News
5/22/19 Pennsylvania schools get funding to expand school breakfast The Meadville Tribune
8/31/19 As school starts, officials encourage healthy eating habits The Mercury
3/4/19 Schools roll out mobile breakfasts for teens The Mountaineer
8/23/18 Why Kids Shouldn't Sit Still in Class The New York Times
8/23/18 How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success The New York Times
8/23/18 A Before-School Exercise Program May Help Children Thrive The New York Times
4/4/19 Trump Administration Sued Over Rollback of School Lunch Standards The New York Times


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