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11/14/18 Zucchini everywhere: School-grown produce teaches students to eat their veggies MPR
4/28/20 With schools shuttered, districts struggle to feed students and communities PBS News Hour
3/14/20 With coronavirus closing schools, here's how you can help food insecure children CNN
9/9/20 Wisconsin district takes extra safety measures during lunchtime WMTV
9/11/18 Why physical literacy matters for our students Middle Web
3/25/19 Why Lunch, Exercise, Sleep, and Air Quality Matter at School EdWeek
8/23/18 Why Kids Shouldn't Sit Still in Class The New York Times
6/10/19 Why is the USDA downplaying good news about this Obama-era school nutrition program? The Washington Post
8/7/19 Why have schools cut recess time? WXIA-TV
7/11/19 Why does participation in the federal summer meals program keep dropping? New Food Economy
9/21/18 Why Chicago chefs like Matthias Merges are working to make food education as important as reading and math The Chicago Tribune
1/19/21 Why Billions In Food Aid Hasn't Gotten To Needy Families MPR News
2/10/20 Why Are You Still Packing Lunch for Your Kids? New York Times
12/23/20 Why a Minnesota school district kicked a la carte to the curb Food Management
10/18/19 Why 20-Minute Lunch Periods Aren't Good for Students Education Week
2/22/19 Whole Foods grants $500,000 to provide 150 salad bars to schools The Produce News
1/3/21 When teachers brought free lunch to kids amid COVID-19, they saw poverty up close USA Today
1/20/21 When demand for meal kits skyrocketed, one Maryland district rose to the occasion Food Management
8/15/19 What’s on school menus this fall? Trade mitigation Associated Press
11/11/20 What's for lunch? Students learn about voting in mock election KEYC-TV
9/16/20 What Should Recess — and Play — Look Like in a Socially Distanced World? EdSurge
1/9/20 What if Children Ran the School Lunchroom? The New York Times
9/12/19 What Have the Last 10 Years of School Food Policy Taught Us? Civil Eats
9/25/19 What Happened To School Lunch 'Hour'? Today, It Clocks In Closer To 20 Minutes Wisconsin Public Radio
7/30/20 What Back to School Might Look Like in the Age of Covid-19 New York Times
1/25/19 What an ongoing government shutdown could mean for school lunches NBC2 News
8/31/19 We're the wealthiest country — our kids shouldn't go to school hungry The Hill
6/11/18 Want to Build a Better Recess? Researchers Have a Framework for You Education Week blog
12/15/20 Vilsack chosen as Biden's Agriculture Secretary Politico
2/12/21 Viewpoint: Helping school food crews find their “why” Food Management
3/12/20 Utah prepares to keep providing meals to students in need if coronavirus causes school closures The Salt Lake Tribune
3/18/20 USDA Working with Private Sector in Response to COVID-19 USDA Food and Nutrition Service
1/21/20 USDA tries to relax nutrition guidelines for school meals Chicago Tribune
8/26/20 USDA set to pull plug on school meal flexibilities at start of school year Food Management
9/21/18 USDA Secretary Working to Empower Local School Leaders and Improve the School Meal Programs USDA FNS
10/16/19 USDA Recognizes Hard-Working School Meals Professionals, Empowers Them to Do Right in School Lunchrooms USDA
6/25/20 USDA Provides Flexibilities to Ensure Kids Receive Meals This Fall USDA Food and Nutrition Service
3/26/20 USDA Makes it Easier to Feed Kids and Those Who Need Food During the COVID-19 National Emergency USDA Food and Nutrition Service
6/29/20 USDA Gives Out $12.1 Million in Largest-Ever Farm to School Grant Awards USDA Food and Nutrition Service
5/18/20 USDA Extends Waivers to Help Schools Feed Hungry Kids During COVID-19 Closures Education Week
9/1/20 USDA extends summer meal flexibilities to feed kids, eases burden on school districts Food Management
8/31/20 USDA Extends Free Meals for Kids Through December 31, 2020 USDA
3/18/20 USDA Extends Comment Period on Proposed School and Summer Meal Reforms USDA Food and Nutrition Service
6/12/20 USDA Ensures All Kids Can Get Free Meals This Summer as Nation Reopens USDA Food and Nutrition Service
1/20/20 USDA Announces School and Summer Meals Reforms USDA
7/16/19 USDA Announces Record-Breaking Funding for 2019 Farm to School Grants USDA
7/21/19 USDA announces record funding for farm-to-school grants The Packer
1/30/20 US government basically declares war on millions of school children The Hill
8/31/19 US attorney: States can't sue feds over lunch program changes Education Dive
1/8/19 University of Minnesota study links adversity in early life to childhood obesity MinnPost


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