Cook-and-Hold capabilities bring many benefits

Many of CKC Good Food's client schools have improved the quality and flow of their food service programs by adding a Cook & Hold oven. These locations are not preparing or cooking food onsite -- simply heating delicious food for service.cook and hold.jpg

If your school has a two-door or three-door refrigerator in which to store one day's meals, a small amount of space to accommodate a cook-and-hold oven and sufficient electrical capacity, your program could get in on the many benefits.

Why add a Cook & Hold oven?

  • You can cook your food to perfection (following the approximate cook times provided by CKC) and then place it at a holding temperature until lunch service.
  • No more soggy chicken nuggets (or corn dogs, French toast sticks, bosco sticks, or fish bites)! Cook your food on a sheet pan using your Cook & Hold, which will preserve juiciness and crispness until being served.
  • The smell of the food cooking will make you - and the kids - hungry for the food being served.
  • There's a huge positive impact for schools wanting to serve hot breakfast as well.
  • You have greater flexibility on service times because the foods are held at a safe temperature without getting overcooked.
  • One unit alone will heat up to 18-20 sheet pans, or 300 meals, at one time.
  • Implementation is easy! CKC will train your staff how to use the oven in the most efficient way.
  • CKC will assist with purchasing sheet pans to use for cooking items.
  • An equipment grant may cover the entire cost of a unit.cook and hold electric.jpg

If you'd like to explore this option, your Field Operations Manager (Dave or Jim) can provide more information and help you select an oven appropriate for your kitchen and service needs. If you’re interested in talking with other schools using Cook & Hold, or visiting their sites, please talk with Dave or Jim.



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