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Need help communicating the quality of your food service program to parents? We can help! Our Cafeteria Connection newsletter for parents includes 10 issues - one for each month of the school year. Use them all or just select ones as you choose. Each issue has a placeholder for your school or district logo to personalize the communication for your parents.

The 10 issues are:

  1. Goodness abounds in the cafeteria
  2. School cooking vs. restaurant cooking - not that different
  3. Meal time is a time for learning
  4. What's for lunch? Check Nutrislice!
  5. Ending the food fights; creating meals kids love
  6. School breakfast: a time-saving, nutritious choice
  7. Bag lunch vs. school lunch - which is better?
  8. Farm-to-school movement brings fresher foods to schools
  9. Salad bars: a bountiful buffet
  10. Helping kids choose "Smart Snacks"

You can access all 10 issues in the client portal under "Resources." If you have suggested topics for future issues of the newsletter, please let us know at


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“You’ve all been amazing this week. Thank you for your hard work and time in serving summer meals. To see all the youth going ham on the food is AMAZING!”
Christa DeBoer, Nutrition Program Director : Youthprise