Ordering Made Easy

We leverage technology to simplify order placement, processing and recordkeeping; and connect you with curriculum and resources, grants and promotional tools to support your wellness initiatives and overall success.

Intuitive Client Portal Makes Ordering Easy

Every CKC Good Food client has access to our custom-designed, easy-to-use client portal, which serves as the hub to your food service program's daily operations. Your Client Services Manager will walk you through the portal, explaining how to submit and change meal orders, and place orders for non-meal items like paper products.

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Upon logging into the portal, you'll be greeted by important messages that may need your attention or of which you simply need to be aware. Your navigation menu appears along the left side of the screen.

"Meal Counts" is where you go to submit your daily meal counts by week. The menus you've chosen to offer appear on the left side of the form, with each day across the top. Simply enter the quantities you need for each type of meal for each day school is in session.


If your organization has multiple feeding sites, the portal allows you to place separate orders for each location within one account. For example, maybe your preK meals are served in a location other than your main cafeteria or you have multiple buildings in your district/system. There's no need to log out and log back in as a different user to complete orders for each location.

And because we know there are always interruptions, we've programmed the system to automatically save your entries as you work. You can leave an order in process and complete it later.

You can also adjust your orders after you submit them until the deadline for that week, at which point the order is locked for online editing. Just give us a call and our staff will respond to change requests.

If ever you need to look back at a previous order, simply click on "My Orders" to view your orders, including room names, notes and meal counts, as well as orders for paper products and other needed items.


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